Our services

Creative perfection is what we always work to achieve here at iMuons.

Info Graphics

People retain information much easier when it is presented in an attractive and dynamic manner. We can create exceptional info graphic videos to help convey your information more effectively.

Corporate Videos

Want to solidify your corporate identity and present your company to the world? iMuons can help you create impeccable and memorable corporate videos that will give your image an added boost.

Commercial Videos

Need to promote your brand or present some new features of your company? An engaging and striking commercial video is exactly what you need.

Medical Animation

Presenting complex medical information is a daunting task. A great animated video is the perfect medium to present content and information related to the medical field.

Educational Videos

Interactive and informative videos are our forte and the best way to learn something is by seeing it. Therefore, we can convey educational content effectively through a visual medium.

TV Series

Got an idea for a great TV series? We also provide services to help create, animate and edit gripping TV series and stories.

Flash Animation

We utilize the latest animation technologies to help you add some more fantastical elements to your animated videos that help to inform, educate and entertain.

4D walk-through videos

4D walk-through videos give people a virtual in-depth look and visuals of an area, as if they were walking through the place themselves. It is especially useful for real estate and architectural firms.

Motion graphics videos

Motion graphics videos are our specialty. Motion graphic videos are great for many things particularly; promotion, advertising and information relay purposes.