4 Apps that Help You Boost Your Brain Power

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Unless you are living under a rock your life is not marred by apps on your smartphone. Otherwise, your life is all dependent on your smartphone and the mobile applications that you use in your day to day life. So as we let the apps and smartphone rule our life there is so much more they can do for us than just reminding us of things or keeping updates for us.

Here are 4 apps that are unique in their own way. They help you boost your brain power while you are on the go.

1. Happify
Can your smartphone really make you happy? Well, Happify is undoubtedly is trying and pretty much succeeding. This app wasn’t designed by your typical programmer. Rather, leading scientists and experts in the fields of psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy developed the app to make sure each game will bring about positive change in your life.
By keeping track of your emotions while using the app, you can see just how far your happiness and emotional intelligence have improved. You’ll have your bad days, but overall the app will train your brain to abandon its negative wiring and think positively. If you’re skeptical, Happify doesn’t sugarcoat anything. It lets you know up front that it’ll take a lot of work to kick your bad habits to the curb, but Happify is there to assist you along their journey with a few easy, fun games each day. Results can’t be falsified since they are coming from you.

2. CogniFit
If you can’t remember your email password or where you put your phone, give CogniFit a try. Aimed at improving your short-term memory, CogniFit tests your brain for 23 different cognitive skills and provides a detailed report of your results. You then have the option of playing different brain games and mental challenges to stimulate and/or rehabilitate the cognitive skills of your choosing.

Using the same technologies as hospitals and medical centers around the world, CogniFit also offers specific exercises for people with diagnosed mental impairments, like dementia, chemo-fog, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, multiple sclerosis and more.

3. Peak
Peak helps you make the most of your play time by pushing your thinking to its crest for a short interval of time. Think of it as the high-intensity interval training routine of brain training: short bursts, lots of energy, quick results.

When you first sign up for the app, Peak asks you which skills you would like to improve to make your experience as efficient as possible. Taking into consideration your personal interests and game performance, Peak puts together sequences of games specifically for you. Benefits include sharper focus, increased mental agility, and a stronger memory. If you’re really pressed for time, play the “Coffee Break” feature. All the brain benefits, but you can play in the amount of time you’ll wait in a Starbucks line. Forgot your phone at home? No worries. The peak is available on your Apple Watch. Plus, Peak encourages you along the way with positive reinforcements to motivate you to keep going.

4. Duolingo
No, you are never too old to learn a new language. Though you are more prone to pick up a foreign language as a child, Duolingo makes it possible for you to learn to read, write and speak in the language of your choosing. From French to Indonesian, Duolingo offers over 32 different foreign language courses in the form of fun games and quizzes. Haven’t spoken Spanish since middle school but still remember bits and pieces? Duolingo allows you to pick up where you left off, so you don’t have to go all the way back to the beginning. A private tutor in your pocket, Duolingo is a fun spin on traditional foreign language education.

Try these apps to improve your mental health and also put your smartphone to better use!

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