5 Best PPC tools in the Market for Digital Marketing

best ppc tools

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an integral part of the digital marketing process. PPC in digital marketing is when promoters pay a charge each time one of their advertisements is clicked. It is a method of purchasing visits to your site, instead of gaining those visits organically. It is an expensive way yet the most effective way through which you can definitely reach a vast audience base. Here are the 5 best PPC tools that will assist you in your digital marketing function.

1. Wordtracker
This PPC tool works pretty much like the AdWords Keyword Planner, but with an extra layer of keyword data from YouTube and Amazon. You can save your keyword lists, filter them, and find the keywords you need all in one place. In addition to the basic functionality of PPC keyword research and planning, the tool also grabs your competitors’ data and identifies gaps and opportunities for your campaigns.

2. Search Monitor
Search Monitor crawls the web to monitor your ads across different locations and devices. They offer two primary services: brand protection and competitive insights. With brand protection, you can monitor brand bidding, offer content, landing pages, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) compliance, and OTA (online travel agencies) pricing. With Competitive Insights, you can gather data on brand bidding, PPC benchmarks, product listing ads (PLA) benchmarks, SEO, SERP.
Brands and agencies can use the tool to detect brand violations, track affiliates, or verify price parity for the same products or services across different sellers. This is especially useful for hotel advertisers who can track changing room rates and offers. With geo-monitoring across major search engines, Search Monitor works for brands with an international presence.

3. SimilarWeb
This PPC tool helps analyze data on your competitors’ website audience, demographics, and marketing mix. You can track your competitor’s top traffic sources (for example, how much of it is coming from organic vs. paid search) and referral sites. SimilarWeb works for the web as well as mobile app analytics. The tool allows you to create custom categories and benchmark competitors in a more holistic way than other apps that only offer views by each separate URL. It’s a free trial, no credit card required.

4. Spyfu
Spyfu allows you to search for any domain and see which keywords your competition is buying, their organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 11 years. The “AdWords Advisor” feature also recommends the most profitable keywords based on your competitors’ data.
You can also browse your competitors’ AdWords campaigns and see results of their split tests. Pricing plans start at $39 per month and go up to $299 per month for API access and multiple user accounts.

5. Semrush
Every search marketer that I know has it. Semrush allows you to review your competitor’s top-performing keywords, sort them by search volume, and see who’s linking to your competitors’ content. With site audit, custom reports, content analyzer, and more, the tool has so many features; it can be a bit of a learning curve to figure out all the features it has to offer. Pricing plans start at $99.95 monthly for pro and $399.95 and up for enterprise clients.

Start using these tools and optimize your efficiency level to make the best out of your PPC.

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