7 Most Engaging Social Media Strategies

Social Media Marketing

Social media is now one of the most important mediums of digital marketing. What your social media speaks about you is how your brand’s image is perceived to be. The more you are active on social media the better your visibility. But now it is not only restricted to your products and services that you exhibit but also how you keep the public engaged and involved with other interesting posts.

We have listed 7 most effective and engaging social media strategies that works wonder when it comes to generating traffic.

1. Fill in the Blanks: This is one trend that is catching up that helps in keeping people interested and also helps us understand their thought process. The “Fill-in-the-blank” Facebook post formula allows your followers to be seen to be witty. If they’re good, they’re rewarded with any number of notifications (which always feels good when you log in).

2. How-To: People are always looking forward to learn new things. If you Make people fall for your intelligent and helpful content rather than just some random good looking stuff. The general ratio of posting should usually be 80% of the informative or helpful content and 20% promotional. (This may vary considering the business you are doing but 80:20 is a basic rule that can be followed.)

3. Caption This: It is another trend where the followers get an opportunity to show their intelligence and wittiness and put forth their take on the certain image. Photo caption posts also allow you to show the fun and casual side of your business or, better yet, both your fun side and your behind-the-scenes.

4. Holidays & Current Events: Being in sync with the current situations and scenarios always shows of how updated you are. And thus including posts which feature current events, festivals or other such happenings, not only shows that your business is tuned in to the world around you, it also shows how well you know what your target market cares about.

5. Questions: It is about the whole idea is of generating curiosity among public. Ask someone a question and they won’t be able to stop themselves from answering it. This is why questions are such excellent hooks. Why do you think Social Media Examiner, the world’s most popular social media blog, starts all their articles with two questions?

6. Tagging: The easiest way to be seen or to see something is by tagging. Tagging businesses you’re working with or Fans you’ve engaged with means that it’s possible that people who follow those businesses or people might see your Post as well.

7. Behind the Scenes: People love learning secrets, and they love getting a peek at the “making of” their favorite things. Bloopers are always welcomed and watched with great interest by the audience as they want to know how a particular thing is made.

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