Leads Not Converting to Business? Here is why!

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Generating leads is one thing but converting those leads to clients is a completely different ball game. Generating abundant leads is the goal for most businesses, but if they don’t convert them there is hardly any value to them. Converting leads to business requires the right strategy, the right technology, proper training and a number of other things need to come together.

Here we present to you four key reasons why sales leads don’t convert.

1. Your Basic Strategy
Lead qualification should be the foundation for your strategy. How relevant is the lead for your business is the most important factor that qualifies a lead.
Differentiating the actual leads from the poor ones is an uncomplicated task. Your team should be clear about the target market and must know what kinds of buyers are most likely to buy your product or take your services as for others it just won’t mean anything and you will end up wasting your marketing effort.

2. Lack of Coordination between Sales and Marketing
This is one of the main reasons why leads don’t convert into sales is due to the disconnect between sales and marketing. There has always been a tiff between these two departments and there is just no deciding which is more important the other as both equally are crucial to bringing business in. Marketing views sales as “naïve” “inept” and “lazy” while sales teams view marketing as “arts and crafts”, “academics” and “irrelevant”.
It is crucial that managers should also align teams around having the same fundamental goals, such as using marketing pipelines to hit sales targets. With zero coordination comes poor communication. And when internal communication is miserable a lack of understanding buyers will cause leads to slip through the cracks. Sales and marketing should be going hand in hand and should understand the buyer persona and communicate the details throughout the company.

3. Poorly Designed Landing Pages
Being in line with the current trends and design is most important. The look and feel of the website and the conjecture one can draw from the landing page and how persuasive they are determines the success of the website. If you are not considering the current trends generating & converting leads will be even more difficult than it already is.

Be sure to present your brand with a contemporary look and feel that resonates with your identity and the ideal people you want to do business with.

4. Not paying attention to Site Architecture
Site architecture is another common area where leads can get lost. It can be 2 things, the path to the destination is too long or too complicated and leads get lost in the middle.
A user-friendly and simple homepage is always pleasant and makes the visitor feel welcome. There should also be a strategically placed call-to-action button, and visitors shouldn’t have to go through a painstakingly long click run.

Avoid these four common problems and have a better chance at converting leads to business.

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