• Compositing Artist

Job Description

Location : Pune

Position : Compositing Artist

Experience : 2-5yrs

Desired Skills :

Reporting to Compositing supervisor, the compositing artist is responsible for the visual quality of shots for the animated film. The artist is responsible for the integration of 3D scenes while respecting the technical rules and artistic vision established on the project. He performs numerical compositing tasks at all steps of the production pipeline.

  • Integrate 3D elements in compliance with a high standard of visual effects feature film production.
  • Ensure that the shots meet the requirements of the rendering processes.
  • Work with relevant departments in relation to compositing.
  • Perform tasks by demonstrating analytical and proactively.
  • Keep the schedule and production quotas given by the Coordinator.
  • Organize work and prepare elements presentation for validations.
  • Communicate and seek information if necessary.
  • Maintain a good relationship and a good team dynamics.