Fantasy Sports

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Fantasy sports games are super popular 3D games that are a boon for avid sports lovers. Fantasy sports games give sports fans a chance to create their own team based on real life players and participate in immersive matches that are based on real life sports events.

iMuons Web Solutions has vast experience in creating stellar fantasy sports games and are well versed in fantasy sports software to produce visually stunning, functionally smooth and efficient games that are secure and rewarding.

Features of fantasy sports games

  • Contests and tournaments
  • Reward systems
  • Monetization features.
  • Accessible on Android and iOS

Choose your Sport

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Fantasy Cricket

Be a part of all the major cricket matches and tournaments with fantasy cricket. iMuons specializes in developing fantasy cricket software. It provides global coverage and covers Fantasy premier league rankings including popular tournaments like Test cricket, IPL and ICC Cricket World Cup.

Fantasy Hockey

With lakhs of fans worldwide Fantasy hockey games have definite amazing potential for growth and popularity. For fantastic customer interaction and systematic progression, create your custom Fantasy hockey software with us.

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Fantasy football

Football is a global phenomenon with fans in every country. For a globally appealing game and business growth opportunities, build your fantasy football game with us.

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Multiple fantasy sports

Integrate all sports like cricket, hockey, football, basketball, baseball all together on one secure and efficient platform and app with iMuons.

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iMuons is ready to take on any challenge and deliver full end to end gaming solutions and efficient processes.